• China Guangzhou Haoshun Mold Tech Co., Ltd. certification
  • China Guangzhou Haoshun Mold Tech Co., Ltd. certification
  • China Guangzhou Haoshun Mold Tech Co., Ltd. certification

QC Profile

Guangzhou Haoshun Mold Tech has achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2015.


Under ISO9001 quality control system, it standardizes our factory scientific management comprehensively, including occupational health and safety and environmental protection. They demonstrate our commitment to consistently providing you with high-quality prototyping, tooling, production and related services.



Quality Control system for prototyping:


We will do product and processing analysis according to your models and drawings before sending the processing data to the machining machines to make sure the products are well workable. And we have a strict material purchasing chain to ensure the material quality before production.


After the parts finished, QC will do a visual inspection for the products and check the product dimensions as per the drawings before shipment to ensure the product with high quality.



Quality Control system for mold manufacturing:


We do Product DFM and Mold DFM before we build the mold to ensure it is availble for injection manufacturing and the mold is what you want.


And We have a strict material purchasing chain, to ensure our molds quality are excellent. After we assemble the mold, the mold will be pass to experienced mold master to ensure the whole mold fit well and no any reject.


Then we will arrange trial production first, confirm the mold runs well to go ahead for injection molding production.



Quality Control system for injection molding production:

QC will do over check the first piece product according to the parameters list and critical dimensions requested by you, to decide if it can go ahead for production. During processing, our IPQC will check the injection molded parts every 2 hours, ensure no any rejects.


After the products finished, FQC will check the products before sending to the warehouse. And OQC will check again before shipping.


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